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    UPDATU fulfills your GDPR obligations fully automated

  • UPDATU Functions

    UPDATU can be used immediately. No training of your employees is required for usage.

    Fulfill GDPR Information Obligation

    Before you are allowed to use the data of your contacts legally, your company must inform every single contact about the data usage GDPR-compliant. After uploading your contacts, UPDATU fulfills your GDPR information obligations fully automated. Among other things, each contact receives a privacy information by e-mail.

    Identify your outdated Contacts

    UPDATU detects fully automated whether the email address of your contact is still up-to-date. By this UPDATU not only fulfils your GDPR information obligations, but also offers you an overview of all contacts which must either be updated or deleted by your company.

    Deletion Requests by Contacts

    Your contact gets the possibility to request the deletion of his/her data quickly and easily via the received privacy information. In consideration of possible storage obligations, you can inform your contact in GDPR-compliant way about the date of the deletion of his/her data.

    Central Contact Management

    UPDATU can also be used as central contact management. Thereby you will receive GDPR reports, that are up-to-date at any time. These serve as evidence to your data protection authority that you fulfil the GDPR information obligations (reversal of the burden of proof).

  • Security

    UPDATU is certified by TÜV Rheinland

    Information Security

    ISO/IEC 27001-Certification

    UPDATU has been successfully certified by TÜV Rheinland according to ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security).

    GDPR-compliant Contracts

    Data Processing according to Art. 28 GDPR

    UPDATU concludes with all customers a GDPR-compliant data processing agreement (DPA) according to Art. 28 GDPR.

  • Pricing

    Easy pricing - for organizations of all sizes



    10 EUR




    incl. 10 users



    incl. 1.000 contacts + 0,05€ per additional contacts


    Privacy Policy

    incl. usage of our privacy template



    50 EUR




    incl. 100 users



    incl. 5.000 contacts + 0,05€ per additional contacts


    Privacy Policy

    incl. usage of our privacy template



    ab 2.500 EUR




    from 100 users



    from 50.000 contacts


    Privacy Policy

    incl. usage of our template


  • UPDATU - Your innovative solution for data protection

    Data protection - without disturbing the day-to-day business of your employees

    ISDB Logistik

    UPDATU reference customer

    ISDB Logistik is an international logistics service provider from Friedrichshafen with over 3,000 business customers and hundreds of logistics partners, especially freight forwarders.


    ISDB Logistik employees use UPDATU to fulfil the GDPR information obligation for tens of thousands of business contacts and drivers without being disturbed in their daily business. Through UPDATU, the company gets:

    • a total overview of all persons whose personal data it processes
    • DSGVO-compliant evidences for each individual person that GDPR information obligation have been fulfilled

    Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei

    UPDATU reference customer

    The Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei (DDSK) advises over hundred medium-sized companies and groups in the field of data protection and information security.


    The Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei uses UPDATU for the:

    • Fulfilment of the information duties according to Art. 13/14 GDPR
    • Fulfilment of the accountability according to Art. 5 para. 2 GDPR

    The GDPR information and evidence obligations are carried out fully automatically via UPDATU.

  • UPDATU for your area of responsibility

    UPDATU can be used wherever personal data is processed.


    GDPR-evidences for your business contacts, consumer,...


    GDPR-evidences for your event participants, visitors,...


    GDPR-evidences for your supplier contacts, prospects,...


    GDPR-evidences for employees, applicants,...


    GDPR-evidences for your recipients of invoices, salary...


    GDPR-evidences for your drivers, consignees,...


    GDPR-evidences for your CRM, ERP, HR, Newsletter-system,....

    Data Protection

    UPDATU fulfills your information- & accountability obligations

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