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    GDPR Information Duties & Evidence Duties

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    With UPDATU you and your employees don't have to be a data privacy expert

    Publish Privacy Policy


    Register your company in just five minutes by publishing the business address and the privacy policy of your company


    You can use our GDPR-compliant templates to create a privacy policy.

    Inform Persons


    New business contact, applicant or customer?


    Your employee just have to insert the name and the email of the person. The person receives via UPDATU all required privacy information.

    GDPR-evidences available!

    UPDATU creates for every single person a digital privacy file, in which all relevant GDPR-evidences are documented.


    The fulfillment of your information duties happens fully automated via UPDATU.

  • Pricing

    Simple pricing - for organizations of any size



    10 EUR



    for 1.000 persons


    business contacts, applicants, private consumers,...


    Need more?

    only 0.05 EUR/month per additional business contact


    Up to 10 employees
    in company account




    20 EUR



    for 2.000 persons


    business contacts, applicants, private consumers,...


    Need more?

    only 0.05 EUR/month per additional business contact


    Up to 100 employees
    in company account




    from 5.000 EUR



    for 100.000 to 5 million persons


    business contacts, applicants, private consumers,...


    Need more information?

    Get in touch with



    Unlimited employees
    in company account


  • Apply for the UPDATU early access-program for pilot customers and get premium services by our GDPR experts.

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  • Security

    Information Security & Legal Security


    UPDATU is ISO/IEC 27001 certified


    UPDATU is a cloud solution and has been succesfully certified to the ISO/IEC 27001 by TÜV Rheinland.


    The ISO 27001-certification confirms that UPDATU and its cloud services fulfill highest requirements of information security. The security of personal data is one of the essential elements of GDPR.

    GDPR Law

    Data Processing Agreement (DPA)


    Companies that use UPDATU sign a GDPR-compliant data processing agreement (DPA) with us.


    The data processing agreement determines that your company is the only owner of personal data processed on UPDATU and that UPDATU is strictly bounded to the instructions of your company.

  • UPDATU - Your innovative solution for data privacy

    Data privacy - without disturbing your employees in the daily business

    ISDB Logistik

    UPDATU reference customer

    ISDB Logistik is a leading logistics provider from Germany with locations in three EU-countries.


    30 employees of ISDB Logistik use UPDATU to fulfill GDPR-information and evidence duties without being disturbed in the daily business. On UPDATU the company has


    • Total overview of all persons, whose personal data are processed by the company
    • GDPR-compliant evidences for every single person that prove the fulfillment of GDPR-information duties.

    Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei

    UPDATU reference customer

    The "German Data Protection Law Office" consults a large number of medium-sized companies and corporations in the field of data privacy and information security.


    The company uses UPDATU for the quick and easy fulfillment of GDPR transparency obligations towards individuals, such as applicants or business contacts.


    The execution of the GDPR information obligations and evidence duties happens fully automated via UPDATU.

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